(Effective January 1, 2014)

Title Search and Closing         $650.00
Full Title Search ONLY            $350.00
Title Update Search ONLY     $150.00
Closing ONLY     $375.00


Lenders Policy Loan Policy Fees Owner’s Policy Fees
Title Insurance
$1.75/thousand of loan amount plus $125 $3.00/thousand of purchase price
loan amount plus $125. plus $125. If a loan policy is issued at the same time, cost for both is Owner’s amount plus $50.00
First American
Title Insurance
$1.75/thousand (refi)
$2.00/thousand (purchase)
$3.50/thousand of purchase price
If a loan policy is issued at the same time cost for both is Owners amount plus $75.00

To calculate an insurance premium, any portion of a thousand in the amount of insurance is always rounded up to the next nearest thousand and the premium amount is based on that figure.

The cost for a reissue rate is $1.00/thousand of the original loan amount plus $125, plus $1.75/ thousand for any amount over the original loan amount. If the new loan is smaller than the original, it’s $1.00/thousand of the new loan amount plus $125. Reissue rates only apply if the current mortgage is less than 2 years old.

Recording Fees Recording fees are $22.00 per document for the first page, $2.00 per page for each additional page. Transfer taxes are $4.40/thousand of the purchase price, round up to the nearest $500.00 split 50/50 with the seller and buyer.
Survey Affidavit $50.00
Inspection Plan
$200.00 for York or Cumberland County,for all other counties call for a quote.
Mail Fee

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